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Cadac Live 16-4-2

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Cadac Live 16-4-2

PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:42 am
by Arpangel
I misunderstood when Hugh replied to my post about suitable mixers, I’m pleased to find out that this Cadac 16-4-2 is in fact rack-mountable, it looks much bigger in the pictures.
In fact, it’s got everything I need, there are no fans like the Midas Venice R, even in the rack mount PSU.
I’ve been looking for a small high quality mixer with a decent number of channels in a traditional format, and this is it, am I going to buy one? ooer....

:crazy: :shocked:

Re: Cadac Live 16-4-2

PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:59 am
by Hugh Robjohns
...never listens to a word I say.... :wave: :lol:

£4k is a lot to spend on a console for home use.... And you won't like the knobs all being upside down!

Cadac has a long and impressive history in the live theatre market, and I have always been impressed with their engineering excellence. I attended a lecture decades ago given by Clive Green of Cadac and someone from SSL (sorry.. name's escaped me) on console design. It was superbly informative and I came away full of admiration for the Cadac engineers' attention to detail and good engineering -- both electronic and mechanical!

Obviously, the Live 1 was designed as a theatre and live-sound console, and as a result there are various operational aspects that, while suiting the intended application well, make it unwieldy or even unworkable in a studio setting.

The highly restrictive monitoring setup is probably the most serious 'feature' in that regard... but there's also the fact that the direct outs are post-fade only, and the preamp gain bunching is a disappointment in such an expensive console. Amongst my professional analogue console collection I have a Soundcraft RM1 and a Calrec MiniMixer II -- and neither exhibit gain bunching! You just don't expect it on a professional console!

The completely bonkers decision to use 3-pin XLRs for plug-in lamps just rubs salt into the wound!

Of course, the Live 1 is unusual in having so many aux sends per channel, and I know that's an important element of your particular wish list, and it's EQ is very good too... but for me there are so many other things that would frustrate about the console in a home/project studio recording application.

If I was spending that kind of money I'd buy a Yamaha DM1000 without hesitation*. It's infinitely more versatile and configurable, has 8 aux sends, four high-quality effects engines built-in, much greater I/O capability, and still fits in a 19-inch rack. And being able to set up aux sends on the faders at the press of a button is brilliant!

*Other digital consoles are available and offer similarly expansive and versatile facilities.

Re: Cadac Live 16-4-2

PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 6:00 pm
by Arpangel
Thanks Hugh, well, looks like I’ve been saved by the boat.
Cadac aren’t answering the phone, or mails, and there aren’t any for sale anywhere so...
The Yamaha DM1000 looks so complex, I look at an analogue console and can see imediatly what’s happening, this is just awfully confusing.
I’m quite happy with my MG20, but I’ve always fancied a really nice, high quality small-ish mixer, that isn’t an SSL or a Neve!
The secondhand market is dry, really dead, otherwise I’d be looking for a nice older Soundcraft or something like that, or a Tascam.