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Zoom H6 hissing/ambient sound

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Zoom H6 hissing/ambient sound

Postby raymondartin » Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:07 pm

I just bought a new Zoom H6 with a purpose of recording digital Piano and maybe record my voice with online teaching.

However, regarding the Piano recording, I tried first plugging a single TRS cable between any of zoom's channel and the digital piano.

The issue comes here, I cant come with a high quality recording, as with high volume intake I get distorted sound and with lower ones I get a low sound. In other words I cant get high clear (rich) sound without distortion.

*I Tried applying some limiter.

*Failed with low cut filters as it corrupt the notes sound

*Tried recording with X/Y mic that comes with the zoom ... which does a pretty good job but this comes to the second problem which is ambient sound, or in other words the room noise even after closing all windows and any thing doing noises.

This applies to when I try to record my voice as well . It seems low cut filters like not working properly or I am missing something

So please advice me in both digital and acoustic (voice or piano) recording
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