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Heads Up on CDR Degradation - New Results

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Re: Heads Up on CDR Degradation - New Results

Postby Tim Gillett » Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:34 pm

James Perrett wrote:One thing I have found is that labels are fairly hot on creating safety copies and of course there are often production masters for material that has been released. The issue is that these safety copies and production masters are always at least one generation removed from the original which may result in a very slight loss of sound quality with analogue tapes.

The quality drop from generational losses isn't to be sneezed at. Much of Aretha's earlier catalogue sounds rough and it seems to stem from the losses of originals in the Long Branch vault fire. On top of that is inexpert transfers whether analog to analog or analog to digital. Then the trashing of the originals believing that the digital transfers are a perfect copy of those originals and which will last forever. It's possible for an archive to unknowingly digitise thousands of hours of its analog audio at a sample rate of 5kHz. OTOH to demand "the highest standards" by digitizing at a ridiculously high sample or bit rate but fail to optimize the analog playback. Just one error not noticed early can in time wreak its havoc through an entire archive and there can be nothing to fall back to. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
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