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allen&heath zed6014fx/usb issue

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allen&heath zed6014fx/usb issue

Postby David English » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:02 am

I am 65 just retired and plan to do free online English conversation, just for occupation.
I have all new gear, the A&h desk, Yamaha hs5 monitor speakers, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Sennheiser 416 mic, AKG 3000b, dbx 286s, dbx231s, 2i2 Scarlett gen 3 interface, Beachtex micro pro plus camera preamp, Logitech stream cam. Panasonic FZ 300

I just bought a lefty Martin hd28 vintage re-issue which I will do home fun stuff recording, but for now I use this gear for Skype/Zoom/wechat video calls

Why is it when I plug the desk via its built in usb hub into the MacBook that the channel faders on the mic don't have any volume input effect, nor does channel gain button?.I can set this gain to fully left but the signal still goes through ok?
The st2/usb gain control and the main fader seem to control the output to the user at the other end of Skype, and when I monitor thought the headphones that volume in my ears doesn't match the gain levels that the receiver gets.
I have no idea if they can hear me until I ask them.

I have played around with the listen buttons and headphone button options but to no effect.
I sang quite successfully back in the day in pubs and bars and made a good living from it, enough o payoff an apartment in 5 years, so I know a little about live analogue sound.

I was contemplating just going from the desk into the Scarlett then into the MacBook so the volume knobs work, but the desk has no balanced line outs, only the rca monitor outputs.
the desk xlr main outputs maybe too much for the Scarlett unless I hit that -30 button at the back off the desk. I am not sure if I would have to zero all the gain controls on the desk, when I did it this way, the headphone outs from MacBook into the desk had too much gain for the desk. I do have a Hosa -10 to -30 attenuator which could run mono from left channel into the Scarlett but maybe this is arse about also.
I feel I am doing this slightly wrong, ANY HELP would be much appreciated and so gratefully received. I am doing the calls ok, but am wondering.
Basically how to monitor my own Skype levels that the students hear, all this gear is a bit overkill but it gives them better quality. Many thanks David
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