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Yamaha DM1000 Sysex and Digital Performer consoles

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Yamaha DM1000 Sysex and Digital Performer consoles

Postby tlloren » Fri Sep 18, 2020 3:53 pm


I want to control my dm1000 from a DP console. This SOS article has greatly inspired me to make one: ... r-projects

I have been trying to decipher the Parameter control sysex from the Yamaha manual and just need some questions answered.

Following the Parameter change basic format in Page 368 inn the V2 manual:

The Sysex parts make sense until I get to 'Element no. (if 'ee' is 0, 'ee' is expanded to two bytes.

What is an Element, and what numbers are appropriate here?

Parameter No. and Channel number I assume I get from the MIDI/CTL Assign page in the menus or from page 344 in the v2 manual.

Also on page 344 I see a high, middle, and low in the column headers. What are the significance of these and do that have a numerical value that pertains to the sysex?

The next part for data bytes what/ how many values do I put here?

If someone has any information about these values and even a sample sysex message to control channel fader 1 please post it.

Thank you very much!
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