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New mic for classical violin - advice

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New mic for classical violin - advice

PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:49 am
by marco.swe
Hello guys,
I aim to record classical violin solo pieces and, sometimes, duo piano violin and trio piano violin Cello.

The gear I have at the moment is:
-Zoom F8N
-Rode NT55 (with cardioid and omni caps) stereo matched pair

I am considering investing in a good violin solo mic. I was thinking the DPA 4011A.

In case of violin solo recording, the DPA with cardioid caps in front of the violinist and the 2 NT55 with omni caps for stereo ambient recording.

In case of duo piano violin, I was thinking to use the rode NT55 pair for the piano and the DPA for the violin.

In case of trio, I would only use the rode pair in ORTF or AB setup (omni caps) in front of the ensemble. Maybe not the best choice but the only one that come in my mind with my actual setup. Anyway the main focus is on violin solo recordings.

Do you have any comment or advise?

Thanks a lot!