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Which to buy? x32/QU16/TM Pro?

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Which to buy? x32/QU16/TM Pro?

Postby uselessoldman » Tue Nov 24, 2020 11:12 am

Right guys its time I decided on my new mixer, everything else is either bought or on order. I am upgrading from my old and trusted Yamaha 01x which is now seriously not compatible with Windows 10.

I want a mixer that is both an integrated DAW control surface and for studio/live recording (audio interface) basically an All in One like my Yami. I also have a rack system based around an old Sapphire Liquid 56, ADAT expansion which is mobile just in rack on wheels but bleeding heavy. So I am looking for something a little more flexible mobile lighter.

The QSC Touchmix Pro is Top of my list (just) and mainly cos its so compact/small but negative point , NO physical FASERS all touch screen. Its QSC I own their amps which are bomb proof so I guess quality wise it will be spot on just never thought of them as a mixer type company but the Touchmix appears to be up there with the rest and best. No EAS Dante ethernet so would needs XLR stage box (got) or yet more hardware (added cost)

The Behringer x32, FADERS, I know not everyone likes them but I do. Midas designed pre amps and I think TC Electronics inspired effects. Oh its a Behringer, damn, I own plenty of their gear but NONE of it cost a fraction of what the x32 costs and that REALLY worries me. I like the way faders are split input and output and PLENTY of them. and a wide range of bolt on extra available

Allen Heath QU16. Never owned anything by AH but I know there market leaders when it comes to mixers. Plenty of bolt on extras but questionable DAW control.

So the idea is record live/studio take home and master on computer. They all have on board recording and all have to a degree DAW features, serious question issue WHICH ONE TO BUY? Any feedback help advice would be SERIOUSLY appreciated. The Behringer and AH certainly offer more flexibility when it comes to live yes I have plenty of multicore XLR cables and stage boxes, but really that is now 70s technology
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Re: Which to buy? x32/QU16/TM Pro?

Postby Sam Spoons » Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:21 pm

About 6 years ago I demoed the Qu16 before settling on the X32 Compact. I didn't consider the TouchMix as I definitely wanted physical faders*. The Qu was very easy to use and 'analogue like' but lacked the power and flexibility of the X32 (it also didn't have LCD scribble strips which I consider essential on a digital desk).

Bear in mind that without the optional X-Live card the X32 only records stereo to it's onboard USB but can record 32/32 I/O to a computer. The X-Live card is a relatively inexpensive upgrade at £179 and retains the USB to a computer option (and can record to both simultaneously IIRC).

* I had had a Mackie DL1608 for a couple of years by then so was well familiar with mixing on a touchscreen. I still have the mackie and love it but the new mixer was to fulfil a different purpose.
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Re: Which to buy? x32/QU16/TM Pro?

Postby uselessoldman » Wed Nov 25, 2020 2:23 am

The way I look at it is simply is QSC=size ease of use, Behringer x32 = add-ons and the AH=reputation service support. Yes the Behringer has multiple add on card options Dante Waves X-Live all serve a purpose and useful in their own rights, AT ADDITIONAL COST obviously the x32 Waves add-in card is especially interesting and potentially a massive upgrade but access to ANY and all effects is available via the Computer/Daw.

Standard built in Effects wise I think there all about equal, the next step up is clearly the Wing - and that is work in progress and still under development. You can easily use any 3rd party plug-ins via the Computer/DAW live or in a studio. The Wing potentially would be the best bet, but not probably for another couple of year.

Ease of use? I think we would agree the QSC is on its own here, its years ahead of the other 2.

Digital I/O aaaaugh the QSC has NONE and that is an issue. The X32 and QU both have AES.

DAW control, none of them are perfect but all have Ipad apps etc QSC you can add faders via USB at additional cost. I do think the x32 is the winner here if only cos its the closest to the all in one out of the box without spending extra

Maybe I should just get an old second hand X-touch and wait and see what happens with USB4 and especially the Wing. USB4 will have firewire thunderbolt protocols as standard we could see a whole new gen of mixers over the next 5 years, CAN I WAIT?
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