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Zoom Audio Recorder Freezing on Startup

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Zoom Audio Recorder Freezing on Startup

Postby goodfornothingwala » Wed Dec 02, 2020 8:15 pm

My Zoom H4N recorder is frozen on the first welcome screen saying "Zoom Ver 1.72" if I power on through batteries.

While if I power on through USB power it displays the first screen to select Storage or Audio. If I select Storage it freezes on "Please Wait". If I select Audio it asks the frequency setting, and after selection it then freezes on the "Please Wait"

Card in the slot or not doesn't make a difference.

I was able to upgrade to Version 1.90 but holding on the pause button while powering on and placing the new version .bin file in the SD card root folder and continuing with the 'Version Up' feature

It upgraded to 1.90 but still the exact same freezing!

It was working all fine before this happened. I was using it as a mic for my smartphone using an aux cable splitter. I then was about to take it to record a concert, put batteries in and switched it on and it froze!

Once it freezes you cannot turn it off. Have to remove batteries or disconnect USB power.

What should I try.

Is there any button combination that can reset it? I cant go into menu to reset.

Any other button combinations to try?

If I open it apart what should I look for?
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Re: Zoom Audio Recorder Freezing on Startup

Postby allebaug » Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:01 am

Email Zoom support before you investigate the internals. They have been very responsive to my contacts for problems and questions, each time within several scheduled work days.
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