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Choosing a DAW controller for Cubase - any suggestions

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Re: Choosing a DAW controller for Cubase - any suggestions

Postby OneWorld » Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:08 pm

Scouser wrote:
Random Guitarist wrote:
I've never got on with mice and computer keyboards very well, they just seem to dump me out of creative mode. I may become less happy when proper mix time arrives, but I guess I have some time to figure that out still.

I really like the buttons as well, I hated the harsh click on the Alphatrack, maybe silly but it did put me off using

Another ex Alphatrack user here, also thinking of going the x touch route, for similar reasons. Probably go for the one channel version.

Would be really interested to know what the Cubase integration is like with these units, as I have heard mixed reports. Better than Alphatrack ? Is it straightforward to control plug-ins?

The CC121, seems like a better option, for one channel, but very expensive in comparison.

As far as I know, the advantage the cc121 has over other single fader controllers is that the fader follows channel selection. I have had a couple of single channel faders and they us3d the mcu protocol. But when for example I was at channel 1 and went to channel 10, then I had to bank select then channel select. I got a real bargain of a single fader icon but didn’t use mcu protocol and configured it so the fader followed channel, however it doesn’t remember fader position and I can’t figure out how to make it remember fader position.
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Re: Choosing a DAW controller for Cubase - any suggestions

Postby The Elf » Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:41 pm

I've never used the X-Touch One, but the X-Touch proper integrates perfectly well with Cubase. All of the buttons do what they're supposed to do (you'll need to label them, though).

I wouldn't (and don't) muck around trying to control plug-ins with it, though. It's far quicker and easier to use the mouse and keyboard - and I doubt this would improve with any other controller.
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