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USB Hubs.... which to choose?

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Re: USB Hubs.... which to choose?

Postby rha » Mon May 31, 2021 11:17 pm

I've lost track of where I got the recommendation, but it may be worth adding the Plugable brand to the list to check out. Seem to be reassuringly expensive, comparitively. Think they often also give the chipset used, which may be handy for some people.
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Re: USB Hubs.... which to choose?

Postby Fortunecookie » Fri Jun 11, 2021 12:38 pm

I shopped around for ages to find a decent multiport USB hub, the problem is many of the generic ones,either don't have enough ports or are not ergonomically designed for studio use,and merely just for desktop applications which I hate with all the cable clutter on the desk when you've got multiple USB cables everywhere,or having to use velcro to secure them..Rackmounting Hubs are essential I think for studio use, however there are very few around and the ones available are hugely expensive

After a lot of searching i managed to find

I highly recommend it for studio use,Its robust solid and works well under full load, it is externally powered also I've got 10 Synths and 2 drum machines and also a Behringer X32 (audio in and out to the Computer)+ 3 Midi controllers running directly from it and never had an issue with it,pricewise its not that dearer than some of the generic hubs you find on Amazon,16 ports is more than enough for most studio applications, although I'm thinking or purchasing another to give me 32 ports it will also take USB thumb drives or other peripherals and you can charge your phone from it!!!it does have an onboard fan, but even under full load its never got hot enough to come on,the only time I heard it come on was when the studio got hot really warm last summer.

my only criticism of it,I wish they would make a version that has the Ports on the rear,so you could mount it inside a rack and keep the cables out of sight,(although no reason you can't mount it at the rear rack if you've got a front and back mounting on the rack case,especially since I never really unplug any of the USB cables in the studio for my gear anyway, then perhaps have 2 or 3 extra ports on the front panel for when you need to plug in things like drives or your phone occasionally, other than that, its a great Hub

I'm hoping to try it out plugged into a friends Akai MPC X usb port to see it it works as a standalone hub for that now they've added multiple midi applications,I've only used it from the Mac but am suitably impressed both on price and the fact it can be tucked away in a rack :mrgreen:
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