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Re: Vocoder

Postby nickle15 » Fri Feb 26, 2021 2:40 pm

Dave B wrote:When it comes to vocoders, they don't have to be all-in-one keyboard units...

I use the EHX V256 and that is very flexible and offers a lot of options. Crucially for me, it has a midi input and an inbuilt tone generator which works really well. It does a number of tricks with vocoding (drones, gender change, etc) so well worth looking into.

I also had the Roland VP-7 which had 3 different 'styles' of vocoding. To me, it seemed slightly more 'modern' sounding (the EHX can dial the number of bands back down to get very 70s sounds as well). It was basically the sound engine from the Roland VP-550/770 in a small box. Again, controllable via midi and a very capable unit that can sometimes still be picked up cheap s/h.

Thanks Dave! Sounds like a couple more decent options to check into!
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