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Dub and spring reverbs.

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Re: Dub and spring reverbs.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 8:16 am
by Arpangel
Even though I appreciate the character of springs now, and use them a lot, I hated them at the time, I was always trying to find ways of getting the longest reverb time possible, slowing things down, layering, adding chorus/delay pedals, feedback etc etc.
And then I heard all my hero’s taking about these things called Lexicons, Eventides, and EMT's in the late 70’s, WTF are these? I was suddenly hearing massive Canyons, infinite halls, cathedrals, Eno was making On Land, Fourth World, Vangelis too, what was going on?
I can remember, I went into my local music shop in Canterbury and asked if they could order me one of these Lexicon 224's and I’d also like a Prophet 5 if at all possible, I’m not going to say what the reply was, but Idid end up walking out with a secondhand VCS3.