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How do I connect Lexicon M200 to Mixwizard 3?

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Re: How do I connect Lexicon M200 to Mixwizard 3?

Postby mikehende » Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:59 pm

Hugh Robjohns wrote:A more conventional way of working would be to connect the reverb in a normal send/return configuration on the desk, but roll-off all the mid and bass on the effects return channel(s) so that the reverb contribution only contains frequencies that would be reproduced by the horns.

Not a bad option but still not as clean and clear as when running the Lexicon into the Pioneer Reverb's Monitor. The more you raise the slider on the channel this also raises the highs and we tried adjusting all controls but again not as good as my "unconventional" method :), thanks anyway.
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