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Wave Alchemy Release SFX Collection 01

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Wave Alchemy Release SFX Collection 01

Postby wave alchemy » Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:45 pm

Wave Alchemy have recently released a 1.5GB sound effects sample library. Although primarily designed with dance music in mind, this pack also provides an excellent tool kit for music and sound design in a film or multimedia context.

What’s included in the sample pack?

Over 1.5GB (before file conversions) of 24-bit 100% royalty free sound effects which include;

Textures - Ethereal beds, disturbing ambience, sublime pads and textured stabs for your inspirational needs.

Impacts - Cone melting subs, reverb-washed collisions and thunderous drops designed to give your production personality and drive.

Stabs & Acid Hits - Rustic stabs, minimal synths, heavenly chords and blissful 303 licks

Sweeps & Drones - Distorted tones, analogue drones, luscious sweeps, and everything in between

Short FX & Hits - Over 250 painstakingly crafted sounds including stereo crowd cheers, LFO madness, abstract hits, processed noise, reverse FX and glitchy shots.

Cymbal FX - A unique collection of layered crash cymbals with extreme filtering, distortion and processing through the use of highly sought after outboard studio equipment.

Downlifters - Noise drops, synth swirls, downward transitions, essential intros and progressive sweeps.

Uplifters - pitched rises, affected noise and up-rising tones make for easy transitioning between different sections of your production.

You can view the full product details here:

SFX Collection Details

As a kind gesture we are giving away 85 MB of free sample from SFX Collection. This free pack can be downloaded from here:

Free samples & Demos from sfx collection


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Re: Wave Alchemy Release SFX Collection 01

Postby Wease » Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:49 am

just thought I'd point out that your free download doesn't......
the site states that the download limit has been reached for that file and one is to contact the original owner to tell them...which I'm doing now ;)
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Re: Wave Alchemy Release SFX Collection 01

Postby wave alchemy » Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:22 pm


Thanks for pointing out that the link has expired. We are only using Yousendit as a temporary solution until our brand new website is online!

Anyway I have re-uploaded the free samples to Yousendit for the time being. The link is now here:

85mb free samples from SFX Collection


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