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Ableton Live - how to modify Audio track L/R wave presence

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Ableton Live - how to modify Audio track L/R wave presence

Postby in0t » Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:38 am

hi experts,

a home recording newbie here,
my query is how do i get to have the L & R waveforms during audio track recording in my Ableton Live - LE/6?

even if i have set the audio preference with both 1&2 I/O to be mono & stereo, i still get only 1 side of the waveform during recording.

my setup is...
notebock pc(lenovo R400) with winXP, also installed Ableton Live LE/6
USB connected to external audio interface E-MU 0404
USB connected to M-audio Oxygen 8 ver.2
guitar input goes to a line6 pocket pod -> (hi-Z line L/R) e-mu 0404 -> (usb2.0 port) notebook pc

shifting the guitar signal to either L or R hi-Z line of the 0404, the recorded waveform only shows in L or R with respect to the 0404 line input.

also, is it necessary, to be able to have the functioning L & R, to have the Center Panning to be effective? coz i think it is so.

your help is greatly appreciated
many thanks in advance

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