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hi fi speakers

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Re: hi fi speakers

Postby Jeraldo » Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:37 am

James Perrett wrote:

There are two kinds of audiophiles - those looking for accurate sound and those looking for a 'nice' sound. Those in the first camp will be fans of the likes of B&W, Spendor, ATC and other BBC style designs while those looking for a 'nice' sound will be fans of the more questionable designs.


The audiophile guys thought the 801's and the LS3/5a's sounded very "nice" and they thought they were quite "accurate." I agreed and still do.

I didn't really spend any time with the domestic, inexpensive B&W's I mentioned earlier. But I thought they sounded quite nice and I'll bet they were tonally accurate-but not having played my own material on them I can't really say. Had I needed something of that ilk, I would have purchased them immediately.

A further digression: There is an interesting and no longer made little speaker from the Paradigm firm. That company started out (and maybe still do) affirming they were building speakers that people "liked listening to." They were sold in audiophile shops, too. I heard a range of them (in the same shop that supplied the aforementioned classics-they were presented as a contrast to their "accurate lines"), and I didn't notice anything artificial about them, even expecting that I would. I now find that a specific model in their range from some years ago was collected by a number of remote recordists to use on-site and in small rooms/studios. Not as ultimate reference monitors, but something inexpensive, practical, reasonably accurate, and easy on the ear. I even saw their mention in some documentation of an on-site recording by the folks from Millennia. (I don't think I'd take that as an endorsement, however! ;)) I've also seen this speaker referred to in various-dare I say it-audiophile boards/blogs. I haven't heard any recent Paradigm products. I mention it because it may be another of many examples of nice and accurate.
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Re: hi fi speakers

Postby troy banarzi » Thu May 06, 2010 1:01 am

Thanks for all the advice. I picked up a pair of hardly used Tannoy Active Reveals today for £150, and they sound great in the living room... Also, they look quite nice :-)
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Re: hi fi speakers

Postby ROLO46 » Thu May 06, 2010 4:42 pm

Martin Walker wrote:
RegressiveRock wrote:Even loving my AVI speakers as much as I am, Martin, I do wonder at AVI's decision to give some of their speakers (which have a distictly broker-belt price tag when new) names which might find more favour with a teenager on his way to see the latest 'Transformers' movie. :bouncy:

I agree. Ashley and Martin at AVI are lovely guys (they took me out for a curry once when I visited, as I used to live just down the road from them a few years ago).

However, their choice of product name can be a little 'questionable' at times :beamup:

Thank goodness my speakers don't have a Bigga-Tron badge on them :D


Indeed, Ash is a bit of a cove and Martin has a wicked humour too.

Their ADM9 system is force to reckoned with especially with the sub.

I have their Volt 18" sub driven by an ATC amp pack which is in trio with a pair of Radford M180 monitors driven by an ATC 300 wpc amp.

Quite considerable.

The original query was about BC1's

I recently sold my pair for £440 on the Bay

Lovely sound with the right amp, ageing a bit now (or is it my ears?)

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