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New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

For everything after the recording stage: hardware/software and how you use it.

New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

Postby Towifer » Sat May 01, 2010 11:44 pm

Hey guys, i' currently using Pro Tools 8 DAW along with my Mbox 2, i mainly use it for mixing sessions i bring home from the studio we use at college, and creating original 'ambient' pieces using the instrument plug ins along with my midi controller keyboard. Occasionally I'll do guitar at home or DI bass tracks, and from time to time vocal tracks. I also mix on either Genelec 8020a Monitors or my Bose Noise Canceling Headphones.


I'm looking to upgrade all my gear towards the end of this month, with a £2,000 budget, i'm looking to invest in a Digidesign 003 Rack +, Focusrite Octopre MK2 Dynamic, BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i to allow me to run full record full session from home. Along with the mics i already own, Shure sm57, Shure sm7b, Rode NT5 set, Sennheiser e602 and 2 Shure PG56s i will be able to record drums, guitars, bass and vocals quite well. I think the overall sound will be fantastic, dependent on source sounds ofcourse, before i even mix the track.

Does anyone have any sugessions on equipment i could change to keep in my budget to get a 'better' sound quality?

Thanks a lot.
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Re: New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

Postby Dave B » Sun May 02, 2010 1:32 am

Question : why do are you getting a BBE? How do you propose to use it?

If you are going to record vocals then I would include a LDC in the mic collection. I'd also be looking at a kick drum mic.

How is the room that you will be mixing in? Does it need treatment to tame it?
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Re: New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

Postby Towifer » Sun May 02, 2010 3:59 am

I'll be using the BBE to add more clarity to the mixdown.

For vocals i'm going to be using the Shure Sm7b its what i've been using for a while now and it always sounds outstanding. The e602 will be my kick drum mic also.

The room has been treated to an extent that i like, it has 2 bass traps aswell as acoustic absorbers behind each monitor.
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Re: New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

Postby Sam Inglis » Sun May 02, 2010 6:19 pm

I too am curious as to why you need the BBE, I'd have thought there were more important priorities in such a small setup. I'm also wondering why you need sixteen mic preamps when you only have seven microphones in total. Surely the 003 Rack+ alone will give you enough ins and outs? Personally I'd ditch the BBE and the Octopre, and spend the rest of the money on acoustic treatment, maybe a couple more mics and a couple of good pairs of headphones. Don't forget that things like cables and mic stands can eat up a fair amount of cash too.
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Re: New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

Postby Towifer » Sun May 02, 2010 7:23 pm

The reason i want 16 ins because my plan for when i go to university is get a live sound night (that ive already looking into and is looking promising) and i'm going to offer a live recording straight into my macbook pro.

Yeah i've been looking into the BBE even more and i think i'm going to drop it and get a Mackie Big Knob so i can change between my main monitors (genelecs) and my smaller cheap monitors from when i first got my set up. I think it'll come in handy in the future too.
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Re: New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

Postby Jack Ruston » Sun May 02, 2010 7:27 pm

I'd just wait a little while and see what Avid do with least see if there's an announcement at AES. It looks as though HD is not moving forward anytime soon and as the main market is in LE rigs, I think it's a safe bet that we'll shortly see some improvements to LE software, and quite likely hardware as well. So before you put your hand in your pocket I'd just wait and see.

To echo what's been said above: Dont get caught up in buying loads of preamp channels and more 'unusual' bits of outboard at this point. You're much better off focusing on the quality of the meat and potatoes. I've learnt this the hard way over the years, buying all sorts of bits of weird and wonderful outboard. While you love those things for a while, they always seem to just ultimately not work out and end up getting sold.

If I were putting together a wish list knowing what I know now, it would look something like this:

Fender tele
Fender Precision
Gibson Les Paul
Marshall JMP
Fender Super Reverb
Black Beauty
Ludwig 400
Zildjian K's

You get the idea...The core tools that every classic record of the last half century has been made with. Now obviously a lot of those things are REALLY expensive and I'm not saying that you have to have all that stuff. My point is that it is these sorts of core items...classic instruments, mics, mic amps and compressors that make the sounds that we all strive for.

The waves CLA classic plug ins can be bought for about 350 quid and do a very goood job of the 1176, LA2A and LA3. A late 70's JMP is about 500 quid. A pitted ludwig 400 sounds just as good as an unpitted example and can be found for about 100 quid. You might find a used 1073DPA or BAE for a grand. etc etc. If you pin down those core items that make for a fantastic sound when you track, the mixes will work without the BBE or whatever. These sorts of things are your get out of jail free cards. The things you use to rescue a session whether you're tracking at college or somewhere else.

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Re: New Set Up, Looking For Opinions?

Postby Towifer » Sun May 02, 2010 7:34 pm

Thanks for that adivce, brilliant list of equipment put together there!

I already own a Fender Tele American Standard, which i run through a Fender Deluxe combo for that ultimate clean tone, and because i'm a drummer i've just put in a order for a Highwood Modern Vintage custom drum kit. Meaning i'll have an amazing clean guitar tone, and the drums will sound bonham tastic!

I'm looking at mainly buying recording hardware at the moment, so i can do the live recordings like i said in the post above. I've dropped the BBE looking at more a Mackie Big Knob, but if you could suggest a mic of some sort or a plug in bundle within in the £250 budget that'd be much apreciated, i was looking at Waves Renaissance.
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