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Improving the timing of external hardware synced to a DAW

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Improving the timing of external hardware synced to a DAW

Postby Adam Inglis » Mon May 03, 2010 4:30 am

I've been experimenting with a sync system in my studio for a while now, based on the old tape sync/FSK systems from the 70s and 80s, in the pursuit of tighter timing between my DAW and my hardware rhythm boxes. It allows me to avoid the "slop" of CPU-generated midi clock. The improvement has been dramatic.
The technique is described here...

Also at this page I've reviewed the Innerclock Sync Lock, just released, which provides a one box solution using similar principles (but with a much higher precision). It has some flaws but generally it works well, and avoids the need for vintage hardware that the FSK system uses.

Other options might include MOTU Volta or Expert Sleepers Silent Way, but I haven't tried these yet.
This topic has been discussed on the vintage forum, however I think it has wider appeal, as there are plenty of people using non-vintage groovebox/drum machine/sampler type hardware that need tight sync with their computers.

Any corrections or comments most welcome!
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