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Thinking of scrapping this and starting again...

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Thinking of scrapping this and starting again...

Postby Plockton Blue » Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:34 pm


First off, apologies for not being around more, but i've been mega busy the last wee while with 'Hal'.

For this track i've used session musicians wherever possible, and have cut and pasted like you have no idea. As it stands, it's quite muddy,too busy, not dynamic enough etc... and whilst a professional mix engineer could strip it down and eq it to an acceptable standard it still doesn't have the 'wow' factor that i always hoped it would.

So, i'm thinking, is it time to scrap the lot and start again? The plan is to keep the original sample at the start including the Thermin choir voices, but after that, it's fair game. The thing is, i'm going to have all the instruments re-tracked anyway, so rather than spend more money on something that's not working, I should start again, right?

The kind of direction i was planning in going in was something more like 'Crucify' by Ozzy feat Slash. Theres a lot of elements in there that i wished was in the Hal track, but unless I go for a re-write, i'm stuck with what i got, which is, if i'm brutally honest with myself, so so.

However, it could be soooo much better...

HAL (4th track down on left) or
Crucify -


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Re: Thinking of scrapping this and starting again...

Postby digital_salvation » Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:38 pm

there are good bits!

intro is way too long for my tastes. I'd cut the film sample and the swirly bit. But I really like the noodly synth bit that plays the riff before the chugging guitar comes in. That whole twenty seconds or so I thought was excellent. I personally really like the idea of lots of arpeggioish trebly instruments interracting together, and this is a good example. If you're looking for best bits to include in a new version, I'd keep this

Onto the chugging guitar, it got pretty dull after a while. I'd probably get rid of it and replace it with a quieter, rhythmically simpler guitar part and bring the synths up a bit to add some interplay

Good luck!
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Re: Thinking of scrapping this and starting again...

Postby 777samo777 » Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:23 pm

I Liked it pal..I dont know what your talking about. It actually sounds like to you have fostex trained and recoared it on good HD with right clincal attitude. The track reaks of good protest and eliminates the need to cut off or think of something inadvertant. It held up well and made me want to right this immediatly. Chord progression stammas like trance in the bass region of chorus where the guy is ailing with his voice then a thermin guitar comes in and then it rest nicely befre a minor break and picks up lke a 'beast' with a trance stryle transpose. The vocals are nicely rude enough and fx take route after the above in mention nicely as the start again kicks in on synth moor lands.

Its good..leave it as it is......great samples at the start hits the mood of 'celestail wanting' in the regions of prodigital realm of early digital realisation marked with lonly dinosaor news and epoch mystify coming to the front of knowledge from NOT GATE the past!!!! thats what the sstart sounds listing to it again you see...

There is conclusion you are saying and get straight to it and bless the quantify of staring at new news you cant deal with as it was dealing with it ..anyway.

Good track pal..dont by metaphorically paranoid about what you did and assit your bravety as you have mentally...that all..

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