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lacking motivation to practice, how can I overcome and continue?

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Re: lacking motivation to practice, how can I overcome and continue?

Postby OneWorld » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:59 pm

hollowsun wrote:

Errmmm ... she's also Grade 8 violin and Grade 6 viola!!!

I'll get my coat! :beamup: ;)

It helped Sherlock Holmes solve crimes!

Many musician friends of mine say scales are a waste of time, but I used to find them quite theraputic - at least I was doing something. rather than default to the phrases, licks that fell under my fingers more easily, the scales force a wider dexterity in so much that my fingers go more comfortable with going up past the 5th fret.

But the older I have got, the less inclined I am to do regular practice and just do what I like to do rather than what is more rigorous. I agree wholeheartedly with your exhaustive comments made in an earlier post - the scales, arpeggios and formal practice are the foundation of music, whatever endeavour we may choose, there is unfortunately the mundane preparation.

My mum used to say she never knew anyone take so long over doing so little, doodling and noodling over the same old licks. When I did get into more formal learning and scales etc, the benefits later on in my musical life were profound - if a singer wanted to have a song in a different key, no problem.
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