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Please recommend headphones for MP3 player

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Please recommend headphones for MP3 player

Postby t0yz » Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:28 pm

Hello guys,

Can you help me chose a pair of headphones for a mp3 player? Nothing fancy, I expect them to:

- have suitable audio accuracy for street listening
- not obliterate other noises, I would like to hear if a car is about to crash into me...
- the cable is very important: please, someone tell me there are headphones which won't break around the minijack or the headphone itself. all the headphones I had, the cables broke in the end, and I took as much care as I could not to bend it or stuff
- should be pretty comfortable, so no big studio-design

The conclusion is I expect them to perform reasonable, not break my purse and last me for a while. Since I will listen to mp3 stuff, 128-320 kbit/s, not lossless, I guess I would like them to be more "HiFi", not monitor-like, if you know what I mean, I don't want to hear every compression artefact or do critical listening while walking around.

I am not at all a specialist. I only had cheap Philips and Sony stuff that broke (cables...) in a year. I searched around and found these:

Are they OK? These would fit in my idea of headphone price.

I'm waiting for your suggestions! Thank you.
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