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Drum Mixing/Routing

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Drum Mixing/Routing

Postby gtrwizrd567 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:53 pm

A. Parent Folder with 3 kick tracks labeled Kick Bus
B. The Kick Bus is sent to the Bass Guitar Bus (sidechain), Sub-Bassline Bus (sidechain) and the Drum Compression Bus
C. The Drum Compression Bus is sent to the Drum Master Bus
D. The Drum Master Bus is sent to the Mix Bus (all other instrument buses are sent here as well)


1. Is the routing correct?
2. Which sends should be pre-fader and which sends should be post-fader?
3. Should the Kick Bus, Drum Master Bus and the Drum Compression Bus have their Master sends enabled or disabled?

I use Reaper also
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Re: Drum Mixing/Routing

Postby CS70 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:05 pm

Er.. all depends on what you want to achieve?

But if your idea is to control the bassline based on the kick and parallel-compress said kick, yes, it's a possible routing - even if I'm not sure what's the difference between your mix and master bus (but I don't use Reaper).

You don't need to send anything pre-fader unless you want the bass line or the parallel compression to be unrelated to the kick balance, which is seldom a good idea (unless you're using the signal only as a control source for something else where the level is irrelevant).

A send sends a signal. If you're sending the drums first to both a bus (your 'mix') and a parallel channel and both the bus and the channel send to a third one (your 'master'), you'll double up the signal. But of course with parallel compression it's exactly the point, so an easier routing is to send the dry kick to a compressor bus B, then have both it and B send to C which is then sent to the mix with other instruments. This way you use the track's and B's faders to adjust the kick sound, and once you've found it, you leave them be and use C's fader (and gain) to adjust its level in the mix.
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Re: Drum Mixing/Routing

Postby gtrwizrd567 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:18 pm

Exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!!
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