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Connecting a 16 channel mixer to my Audient gear

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Connecting a 16 channel mixer to my Audient gear

Postby gagsmedia » Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:25 pm

I have one of these

My setup now is an Audient ID22 and Audient ASP 880 connected ti the ID22 over ADAT.

I have my drumkit permanently miced up into the ASP 880. To record I dont need to record through the mixer necessarily...

But from what I have read I could take the outputs of the mixer and use the insert points on the ASP880 so this seems straight forward enough.

What I would like to do is connect the mixer to all this in order to be able to mix in the box but also have the abilty to twiddle physical faders and knobs on the with tracks already recorded.

Basically giving me the best of both worlds.

What would be the best approach for this scenario?

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Re: Connecting a 16 channel mixer to my Audient gear

Postby James Perrett » Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:15 pm

As far as I can see the ID22 only gives you 4 outputs which means you will only be able to mix 4 channels externally unless you add an extra 8 channels of digital to analogue conversion via the ADAT connection. Probably the cheapest way to do this buying new is to get a Behringer ADA8200 but you could probably find an old mechanically broken ADAT machine for next to nothing if you look around.
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