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Anyone know a CC7 volume controller plugin?

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Anyone know a CC7 volume controller plugin?

Postby ulrichburke » Sat May 26, 2018 8:05 am

Hi! I'm Christopher.

I'm looking for a cheap/freeware volume control PC VST (32 bit) that accepts CC7 values as I have a bunch of softsynths that don't have CC7 control built in, so I can't automate their sound levels! (I'm disabled, CC changes are all I've got on my specialist software, don't have track sliders as such.) Does anyone know of one?

I've tried Blue Cat Gain Control but it's got a huge bug - unless you put a CC value after literally every note, it'll go back to max. volume. I'd LOVE something that just STAYS PUT on the given level until you tell it otherwise!! If you're writing a longer piece, remembering to put a CC7 value after every note whether or not you're actually changing the value is INCREDIBLY laborious and totally disrupts what little creative flow I have!!

Any ideas, guys?

Yours hopefully Chris.
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