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new questions re-mastering w/DP-008 ex

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new questions re-mastering w/DP-008 ex

Postby GS1 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:14 am

Much thanks to everyone who replied to my previous post -

Been studying the manual and wonder if anyone could help me understand-

-offline peak detection

-difference between automatic mastering and normalization...
.(are these the same thing just conducted at different times in the mastering process? i.e.automatic mastering is done instead of or along w/compression and normalization is the final process once EQ/compression is finished...

Having done enough studying online about EQ that I have a good sense of things (much thanks again to Hugh and everyone else who helped me understand the difference between the TASCAM's low/high shelf type and other EQ's)..and begun EQ'ng tracks,I've started a similar process w/compression,reading everything available including articles from SOS....

Wondering if anyone knows what the bandwith used in the multi band compressor on the DP-008ex are in specific...I.e.where do the three bands start/end and if there is crossover....
Given the units' high/low EQ parameters I'm assuming the 3 bands are within the 32hz-18 k range used...

I see that there's some variation from article-article in terms of specific #s for frequency ranges-

I'm thinking the 3 might be-

32hz-250hz LOW
250-4k MID
4-18k HIGH

All replies appreciated....
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