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Looking for some new reference tracks

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Looking for some new reference tracks

Postby blinddrew » Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:41 pm

Afternoon all,
Whilst I await the rest of the band returning from their summer galivanting in order to finish that EP, I've also started working on my next solo one.
It's a very different affair to the previous one, well, very different whilst still being firmly in the same genre, but anyway, I need some different reference tracks.
The EP is pretty dark in subject matter and very much led by double bass and vocal lines (in fact that's all there is on a couple of tracks), so I'm looking for a few suggestions for references - especially anything prominently featuring a double bass (the low end remains a problematic area for me!).
So far I've been listening to a few tracks from Tom McRae and Tom Waits but would welcome any other suggestions, no matter how left field.
Here's some links to the early roughs of the songs (some more rough than others as they're all works-in-progress) to give some more context.
300lb Brick:
A Prologue: ... 17/s-AAPKB
Stone on Stone: ... 18/s-9u9KZ
Goodnight: ... 18/s-2N6fw

Thanks as always. :)

P.S. obviously I don't expect anyone to listen to all of that lot, a snippet of each will give you a good idea of the vibe I'm aiming for. :)
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