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Allen & Heath spare parts problems ?

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Allen & Heath spare parts problems ?

Postby snipedog » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:38 am

Is anyone else finding it difficult to get hold of parts for Allen & Heath mixing desks, live and studio? I've been an Allen & Heath user for 35 years, and their after sales service, support and parts supply was absolutely brilliant. However, since Audio Technica have taken over parts supply ( and manufacturing?) its become almost impossible to get hold of parts that any experienced audio engineer would be capable of fitting. Audio Technica have even suggested that the entire desk needs to be shipped to one of their service centres to have a motorised fader replaced, which is a one hour job on the workbench !! Hardly a "Green" policy in terms of carbon footprints and early obsolescence too ! Has anybody else experienced this difficulty, or found a solution. It seems to be Audio Technica's policy, rather than Allen & Heath's idea.
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Re: Allen & Heath spare parts problems ?

Postby ef37a » Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:11 am

The service department is usually the first casualty when companies are taken over by the bigger ones.

They are looked upon as a necessary evil by the bean counters, sometimes even NOT necessary and are flogged off to agents.

I hope other forumites with A&H kit will put forward their experiences and if the service is seen to be worse than before, the matter mentioned in any future reviews?

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