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Neumann.Control Software for KH 80 DSP

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Neumann.Control Software for KH 80 DSP

Postby Kayvon » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:13 pm

Has anyone tried this app yet?

I've been waiting longer than I'd care to for it but finally downloaded yday and had a quick run through it.

Preliminary quick and dirty tests matching some frequency response graphs of my room using Studio Six Digital's AudioTools app and their Lightning measurement mic have worked out well. I used 4 to 5 of the manual alignment parametric eqs with up to 9 dB cuts and one small boost and I got my system sounding less pokey and cut down on some 'warmth' that was leading to a slightly busy midrange.

I'm now v much looking forward to the microphone system they'll be releasing so I can do the precision alignment. It's a bit of a faff unplugging my router from downstairs to put it in my studio so I can use the ethernet ports to the back of the KH 80 but I guess without putting wireless chips into the speakers it'll have to do.

One thing the app seems to be missing (I couldn't work on it for too long before my flatmate started complaining about no internet in the house) is the option to switch off the linear phase crossover option to reduce the 2 ms processing latency when I'm recording parts. Combined with the myriad other bits of latency/jitter in a MIDI studio as well as my terrible playing I need all the help I can get for recording parts accurately!

Interested to hear others' experiences.

Now, when they release their DSP subwoofer... :beamup:
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