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DAW Audio File is significantly shorter than Video Recording.

For everything after the recording stage: hardware/software and how you use it.

DAW Audio File is significantly shorter than Video Recording.

Postby Oshikorosu » Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:37 am

Hey, guys. My name is Jordan, I posted here a couple years ago about some sound things. Since then, I've changed my studio setup quite a bit, and have been having a TON of new issues.

First of all, my issue, then I'll give some backstory below if you're at all interested.

・ I am capturing a webcam footage with software (OBS),
・ I am capturing my microphone audio with my DAW (Reaper, DAW).

Once I put the files in my movie editing program (Adobe Premiere Pro) you can notice that the DAW recording is significantly shorter than the video recording's audio track. The video recording is also taking the microphone input from Reaper, (I am using VB-Cable to route the audio to the video capture software) so...I have no idea what the heck. I can get a higher quality audio out of my vocal recording since I can edit it with some post FX, and would love to just replace the audio track no problem, but -- I cannot do that. This causes a ton of extra work, since I need to constantly re-sync the audio every 3-5 minutes by 3-5 frames.
In my current project, 1 hour of footage goes out of sync about 7.5 seconds over the whole project.


Some things I have tried;
・ Entire system is tuned to 24 Bit 48000 audio.
・ Reaper project is tuned to 24 bit 48000 audio.
・ Focusrite Driver is tuned to 24 Bit 48000 audio.
・ Changed OBS Camera capture to 59.94 FPS instead of 60 (thinking it would shorten the recording time, technically.)
・ Checked Reaper BPM settings, etc. Reaper is 120 BPM, 121 is too long, and 119 is even shorter.

Little backstory;

I operate a YouTube channel and a Twitch livestream, and Audio is a huge priority to me. I began by soundproofing a small 9x9 studio and was using a USB connected Blue Yeti Pro microphone. I got really frustrated with the software drivers that Yeti used, and opted to UPGRADE my studio setting, so I bought a Shure SM7B, a Cloudlifter, and a Xenyx 1202, and plugged it all in together. I was soon very upset, because even though I spent all of this money, the Xenyx mixer had such a noisy gain that I couldn't create a high quality product.

About a year later, I finally purchased a Focusrite Solo (I understand it has a much nicer gain) BUT, I am having a ton of other issues with this setup (See this video at 03:20 and you can understand this issue. Lol ), and I will ask that question in another post. I am really frustrated, because I feel like the more money I spend, the less I gain in quality, and...that's really disheartening.. Anyways.

That's a bit about me. Thanks for anyone who can help me understand how I might be able to fix this issue. If you need any additional information, would gladly provide it!
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Re: DAW Audio File is significantly shorter than Video Recording.

Postby James Perrett » Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:21 pm

If this is a constant drift then just use a stretch marker at the start and end of the Reaper audio to move the audio back into sync. It sounds like the audio clock isn't synchronised between the two - does OBS resample in order to allow it to work with multiple sources? What happens if you import the video into Reaper?
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Re: DAW Audio File is significantly shorter than Video Recording.

Postby CS70 » Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:38 pm

It does sound like a typical "different sample rate" issue.

I am not too familiar with OBS but I read that the default sample rate is 44.1, not 48.
Are you certain you've set it up to 48?

That would make the OBS recording shorter than the microphone one.

Also, remember that your recording chain is as good as your weakest link. A xenyx qualifies :D
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Using OBS

Postby Forum Admin » Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:50 pm

Welcome Oshikorosu,

I frequently watch Johnny Geib's HST Trainer YouTube livestream shows, and here's a link to one he did about OBS, which he uses for his setup/broadcasts. (His main DAW is PreSonus Studio One, and there's a free limited version called S1 Prime if it appeals.)

WARNING: Johnny's shows can ramble on a bit as he has built up a community and interacts with them live, but there are some nuggets of info in this hour+ YT video that might shed light on your OBS problems.
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Re: Using OBS

Postby desmond » Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:11 pm

Forum Admin wrote:I frequently watch Johnny Geib's HST Trainer YouTube livestream shows

Ah, you're doing research for the forthcoming weekly "Hugh & Paul's - Audio, Ask Me Anything" YouTube live show, eh..? ;)
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