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big screen tips please

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Re: big screen tips please

Postby ManFromGlass » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:16 pm

I have been looking into the science behind curved screens. I can report there appears to be some (!) ... urved-tvs/

I would definitely consider one for my next purchase.
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Re: big screen tips please

Postby Martin Walker » Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:10 pm

...while the rest of us simply go on a bender eh MFG? :mrgreen:

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Re: big screen tips please

Postby ManFromGlass » Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:29 am

Badum tish!
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Re: big screen tips please

Postby sleekitwan » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:05 am

I have just been through this precise dilemma, but that is not necessarily an endorsement of my views.

The widescreen options, ultrawide, manufacturers, HD, QHD/2k, UHD/4k...Oh ForFox'sSake it just gets out of control.

That's without trying to get a bargain, or discriminate between the VA panels, the ISP panels, the TN panels...oh, you haven't got to that yet. Lucky you.!!

So, first, what I did was forget about bargains, because the recommended one by 'inthemix' man on youtube (he describes the kit he has) is very good but the manufacturer went and switched from VA panel to ISP I believe. Reviews online - Amazon - were much less enamoured with the ISP or TN - let us say non-VA - panel screen than the older VA ones. I have seen people resort to serial number-checking to make sure they got VA panels.

So I can't sort through that crud...I ascertained that Viewsonic were a good brand, that they made QHD screens of 32 inch size, and then it came down to curved or not. Here is my theory on curved screens: someone invented a panel tech (VA) with fantastic darkness portrayal, really good dark colours and stuff, but it's less bright than other panel tech. It also funnily enough, has poorer viewing angles ie it's really really its best, only from a limited position very near straight-on to the screen.

Now, think about what that means...somebody I think said 'You know, if we curved this VA panel that has a very limited viewing angle range, then if you were in the 'sweet spot' (as Sheldon would say) dead centre, straight-on, then the screen would ALWAYS be at darn near the perfect viewing angle, overcoming for that single person in the sweet spot, this shortcoming of our good-at-darkness-levels VA tech screen?

Hence I believe, the curved screen is not coming from a place of family TV viewing or being better for viewing, but from a place of getting around a shortcoming of VA tech. Just my tuppence/2 cents. I think they came up with a 'viewing perfection' reason to sell what they had to do to get around a limitation, so they could sell what were, much more refined screen panels.

But, the viewing angle argument crashes, when you have multiple people, spread around a room, viewing an angle-sensitive screen, for big central TV purposes. Hence, I came to the conclusion, in my French-descendant Cartesian logic way, that curved screens is for loners, Sheldons, and so us DAW users fit right in there! Sorry, I speak only for myself of course.

Whereas, you want bright flat screen tech for the family or group viewing, where the sweet spot cannot be achieved by the group, and in fact a curved screen is worsening the experience of those NOT in the sweet spot. Again, my view only, in my cartesian logic way.

So, for solitary pursuits like DAW, and creative stuff largely on your tod, curved VA tech is actually pretty good. I am now assuming VA panels tend to prevail in the area of curved TV or computer screens, because as I say, I think it's a strategy specifically made for those panel types.

So, I reasoned: my DAW thing is a solitary pursuit in the main as is most of my PC work up there in the ivory tower (!) so sweet spot is always where I can be; curved probably means VA-panel technology, which in the gloom of the tower (loft, small skylights), is not ever lacking brightness anyway so I don't need the much brighter ISP tech panels; DAW is often a dark screen situation, when staring at the screen for hours, I gotta turn brightness quite low to save my eyes and the screen transistors; HD is the old standard but 4k/UHD has potential for resulting in native-resolution text really small so 2k/QHD is the goldilocks if I am around the 32 inch diagonal size.


Hence, I bought a Viewsonic 32 inch, curved (so probably VA-panel and good at shades of darker stuff) screen, it's a VX3217-2kc-MHD which is a QHD or 2k curved screen they make. It happens to have two little slightly tinny speakers in it, useful 'in case' but that was not a particular buying thought. It's expensive enough to make me blush here, and you could get more screen size from other suppliers at other resolution, easily for same money. If I say the 'inthemix' guy's screen, was a bargain at £200 or so, and flat, you get the idea.

I had tried a 720p old Sony Bravia, which is how I knew 720p is impossible to use at 32 inch size, and as I say HD is older, but ok at that size usually for DAW.

Now, you probably think, yeah, so why not run it at 2k/QHD? Well, then you get to the world of graphics cards and hit the trailing edge of a phenomenon called 'bitcoin mining'. Graphics cards have now come through that gold rush, their array-hashing processors now superseded by summat else unrelated to graphics processing.

So, wait a couple months, and buy either used or new 2k/QHD graphics cards is my thought on that, hence I use my ancient Radeon card at the highest resolution it can work at 1920x1080p. It's fine. I suspect if they wrote a new driver, it could utilise the 2gb it has perfectly well, to project 2k/QHD, however, why would they do that, when they can sell graphics cards until recently at a grand each.

There's HDMI on the back, and USB I think, of the Viewsonic, and it's stylish and they hide part of the alloy stand in the packing so you think they've left it out. Found it eventually.

It's really good, if reliable, it will see me through ten years probably. The Lenovo tower PC it is attached to, is about the size of those things Judge Dredd chases perps into, takes the average 'judgemaster' bike two minutes to completely lap it. So yes, not last year's model or anywhere near it, but I slapped an SSD drive in, use the old HDD as spare to offload non-video or non-audio stuff, leaving high-speed SSD for the intensive workings.

I think that's probably it - go and have a cuppa and a lie down. I know I will.
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