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RME RayDat mono mix assign?

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RME RayDat mono mix assign?

Postby TimJN » Sat Dec 22, 2018 6:44 pm

I installed a new RayDat card(s) yesterday (on a 2011 Dell XPS 8300, i7), and I can't get a guitar (or a mic) plugged into the first input on ADAT device , to come through as a mono mix signal; that is, it's ADAT 1, input 1, and comes through in the left channel only. The output is delivered to a Central Station via the SPDF output from the card. I've tried splitting the input into 2 separate channels, panning everything to center, then right, then left, and it won't go out as mono mix. Interestingly, it DID come out mono mix, at first, after trying without success in ADAT device 3 (an Audient 880; device 1and 2 are behringer ADA 8000's). This also happened with the Audient at first too, but I have no idea why, and why now I'm dealing with this problem. I should say here that it is maddening dealing with the TotalMix mixer/router. Maybe because my former card, and old E-MU 1212, was a bit more modest, though that card worked fine for 7 years in the current system. I got the RayDat for better performance, and that's working out, but the learning curve is steep here. I use Samplitude ProX 2 as my DAW.
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