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Second set of monitors, which ones?

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Re: Second set of monitors, which ones?

Postby alexpen » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:49 pm

Producing club music I had a longer trip in the last 2 years, listened to almost everything below 4k euros:
KH310, all Amphions (except of two18), PSI A17, D-80 from KS digital, Footprint 01, Adam S3V, ...

KH310 + Amphion One15 or PSI A17 would be an absolute killer combo. Adam S3V is also very good, if you're fine with Adam twitters.

For me I ended with Footprint 01. After 5 months I love these monitors even more.

I definitely suggest to listen to monitors in your room with your ears.
And yes, I also can confirm, I had a wonderful experience with KMR Germany.

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Re: Second set of monitors, which ones?

Postby The Elf » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:11 pm

AE22s reveal oodles of detail, and are mid-range responsive without being 'shouty'. They have an adequate, un-hyped bass extension. If they have a bit of mid-range lift then it's not something that bothers me - I don't push my speakers very hard, though.

I can recommend them without a moment's hesitation. It's a pity they're not still being made. For me the AE22s are the speaker that the NS10 will be when it grows up.

For whatever reason I also find them ideally balanced with my favourite headphones!
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