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Question about serban ghenea

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Question about serban ghenea

Postby sonnoxmusic » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:15 pm

One of my favorite mixers is serban ghenea because of how tight he keeps his low end relationships and how he gets his vocals and effects to sound. I see that there little to no information or interviews on the guy anywhere online, yet he is like the best pop mixer of all time... I found a leaked stem of a song he mixed side on side by ariana grande and the vocal EQ'ed perfectly , and de-essed perfectly, where the frequencies as she is singing are hitting an almost moving and grazing our ears in a pleasant way but it isn't harsh... I have heard he is 100% ITB as well. I am confused as to what is contributing towards his sound more? his mixing processing? if so do you all happen to have any clue how he is achieving this vocal sound? or do you think it's their room and the gear they are using during tracking? if you believe that I'm just confused on what they know that A LOT of engineers don't know because his sound is very unique.

vocal sample from side to side x ariana grande which he mixed. --->

what do you all think?
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