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Protools As It Is Today

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Protools As It Is Today

Postby calmposer a » Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:21 pm

First of all people should know that PT11 works great with Sierra, which is an excellent OS to use.

What progress did Avid make since that version?

One things definitely happened - all kinds of new words came up - things like Perpetual, non-perpetual, ultimate, monthly subscription, annual subscription.... Clearly there are Avid employees who's job it is (rather than help the audio community) to create 'situations' which will make the company money at the expense of their users.

It's common knowledge among retailers that Avid are unhelpful. Engineers are moving on to other DAWs.

Well done Avid - you are making yourselves gradually more and more hated.

I intend to upgrade my software around Christmas 2029...
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Re: Protools As It Is Today

Postby Dave B » Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:33 am

So vendors are looking at the way in which their product earns them revenue.

* Avid are trying to move to a subscription model - I had a mate who was all for that : he would rather pay a small annual subscription for proper support and good product development. Not for me though
* Steinberg basically release on a regular basis and expect the users to keep up and pay for the update
* Apple have a longer lifecycle, but, as of Logic X, you re-buy (admittedly at a slightly lower price) the software again. And you need a Mac to run it on
* Other vendors are smaller and, I suspect, have lower overheads. Or are part of another company (in cakewalk's case) and seen as a loss leader
* Reaper seems like a good price and it's worth remembering that it is basically a labour of love from someone who has made his money elsewhere and is paying back.

Personally, I don't mind the Apple model as I prefer the mac ecosystem so it makes a degree of sense to me. I moved from Steinberg for various reasons. I see no reason to change. But if I were to change, I doubt that I'd go for the subs model that Avid are pushing. Roland seem to want that as well and I won't go for that at the moment.

If you are unhappy, my advice would be to find a model that works for you - the software these days is all pretty powerful, so I'd be tempted to get something that doesn't get me cross...
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