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Whant some feedback on my first mix :)

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Whant some feedback on my first mix :)

Postby boorschteen » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:48 pm

No idea if this is the right sub for this kind of topic, please direct me to the right place if I'm in the wrong.

I just whant some feedback since I'm kind of mixing blind and have no real clue of how things should be done properly. I have "taught" myself from youtube tutorials :)

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Re: Whant some feedback on my first mix :)

Postby Martin Walker » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:31 pm

Hi boorschteen, and welcome to the SOS Forums! 8-)

Just had a listen to your mix and although it's a long way from my normal listening genre, I liked what I heard - very slick playing and very competent mixing work!

However, a few things did occur:

1. All the instruments seem reasonably well balanced against each other, but I did think the bass guitar was a little on the quiet side (either that or it simply needs a stronger low end).

2. lovely fast kick drum work (although once again a little bass-light to my ears - you might be using bass-heavy monitor speakers that lead you to overcompensate).

3. The snare could perhaps do with being a bit crisper in tone, to cut through the mix a little more.

4. Both kick and snare are centre panned, which is a fairly typical choices. However, the cymbals are panned very wide, making your drummer sound like having arms that are 20-foot long ;)

5. I understand that the twin guitars are supposed to be panned hard left and right, but to my ears the delay between the two muddies up your mix by making them sound rather 'staggered' in time. I'd be inclined to slide them a little closer together time-wise.

Hope this helps, but once again, congratulations on some fine work.

Looking forward to hearing some more!

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Re: Whant some feedback on my first mix :)

Postby boorschteen » Thu Aug 08, 2019 5:59 am

Thank you, now I know what I can do to improve it. Everyone I know that I've forced to give feedback was like "its good"

Never even thought the pan on the drums could make it sound wierd to some people, gonna have to listen to some other mixes, and really listen to the drum panning in particular.

Aside from that, the snare, kick and base is what I've been putting the most time into, but I'll revisit those.

Once again, thatnks for looking at the mix and pointing me in the right direction :)
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Re: Whant some feedback on my first mix :)

Postby The Elf » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:32 am

The drums need to come forward a long way. Give the drums a bit of room reverb to help them feel like they are filling a space and bouncing off the walls. The snare is not snappy enough for my taste - if the raw sound doesn't cut it then I would probably give it some help from a noise burst.

The bass is a bit flabby, and this is soaking up room that the kick drum will need. You only have so much headroom in those bass frequencies, so you will need to do a few things, starting by deciding which instrument is going to dominate down there. Whichever will dominate needs the lion's share of the space below 100Hz - the other will need to be compromised somewhat to make room. Then I would duck the bass from the kick to create even more room.

Bass management is absolutely critical to metal - a shade too much and you have a wimpy song; not enough and the whole thing sounds overly-aggressive, anaemic and fatiguing. You have to work for that balance.

The guitars need tightening up. I would begin by recording a DI from the guitar, then cleaning up the timing before re-amping. I'd hold the guitars back a bit in the mix - they are too loud at present. You may need to take out some lows and brighten them slightly.

No doubt the mix will begin to make more sense when the vocals arrive, but this is what I'd do in the meantime.
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