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[PreRELEASE] Men Pamansky - Endymion and Selene (Pop)

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[PreRELEASE] Men Pamansky - Endymion and Selene (Pop)

Postby Men Pamansky » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:45 pm

It is interesting to listen to the opinions of professionals and just listeners on arranging, mixing and mastering. Used libraries Contact:
1. Berlin Strings
2. Addictive Keys
3. Chris Hein Solo Strings
4. Sax Lab
5. Addictive Drums
6. Pad Shop
From the plugins:
1. Fab Filter
2. Izotope Ozone 8
3. Neutron 3
4. Waves

Thank you all in advance!
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Men Pamansky
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Re: [PreRELEASE] Men Pamansky - Endymion and Selene (Pop)

Postby mammy » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:59 pm

Men your track reminds me this. can you listen it ? link is below.
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Re: [PreRELEASE] Men Pamansky - Endymion and Selene (Pop)

Postby blinddrew » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:28 pm

I'm definitely not a professional but I am listening so...
There's a few things that jumped out at me:
I like the sense of space and the interesting percussion elements, but I think there is space for a bit of a change or drop out to that core drum / bongo loop. It's very consistent and runs pretty much throughout with the exception of the two breakdowns.
I love those breakdowns by the way, that metallic clicky sound is a very nice contrast.
Final thing is that the cymbal sounds are a bit splashy to my ears, e.g. at 3:13. It's quite a 'bright' production overall - which is fine - but those sounds do dominate a bit for me.
Hope that helps, if it doesn't, ignore it. :)
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Re: [PreRELEASE] Men Pamansky - Endymion and Selene (Pop)

Postby Dave B » Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:17 pm

It's a nice piece, but the mix and choice of instruments seems to need a fair bit of work still to me :

1. The piano playing is a bit flat and middly sounding
2. In fact, the whole thing sounds a bit middly - definitely lacking in bottom end both in terms of instruments and frequencies
3. The strings sound a bit naff - either too in your face (I'm guessing the solo strings) or too 'octave string sample'
4. The sax samples need more articulation and dynamics
5. The mix could do with dynamics and variety - the 'quiet' bits are as loud as the 'big bits'
6. I agree with Drew about the percussion loop / reverb - it's too high in the mix and too distracting the way it is presented

Generally, it all sounds programmed rather than played and that doesn't help with the kind of production you are going for.

I think that you've got some good ideas, but you need to spend a bit more time getting it to sound like it was played by people rather than constructed in a computer.
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