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Avantone CLA-10 vs Yamaha NS10m Studio

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Re: Avantone CLA-10 vs Yamaha NS10m Studio

Postby Jadoube » Sat Mar 21, 2020 3:00 pm

R_A wrote:
Jadoube wrote:matching them to an amp makes me mental. Many years ago I had an old Crown and it was good.... but it's long gone. It never seems quite right and I'm always wrestling with them. A large part of the issue is my amp. It has to go.

I notice that you're in Canada, but I'm sure there's a few chaps in the UK in a similar situation. This guy builds great amps in the UK:

I pair his Baldwin 405c with my Yamaha NS10MX.

One of the appeals of these for me and something that might not be obvious from the title of this thread is that these are the CLA-10A version; active monitors. They are 120WRMS into 8 ohm a channel. They sound good. Much better than my actual NS10m paired with an ART 100W amp. Many years ago one of the local studios had a set of NS10s (not m) hooked to a Macintosh amp. Reminds me of that. A huge amount of depth for this style of monitor with that unflattering detail very clear and present... but not intolerable. I rolled the top back 2 clicks on the high-frequency driver. Feels about right. It is adjustable -20 to +3db.

I am going to recalibrate everything this week but I like how they sound. If a person adds too much top end to something you will know it on these! I've been listening to random stuff on them for the last 2 days and it all sounds as it should on NS10s. Good mixes sound good on them and make sense.

FYI I only ever use these monitors to balance and sanity check, I would never try to work real bottom end on them because it's just not there. I have a full-range system with a sub for that. I don't do the 'make the white speaker cones jump' thing. It's too loud for my little room.
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