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Is Ozone 9 and Neutron 3 for me? (help)

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Is Ozone 9 and Neutron 3 for me? (help)

Postby The Mike » Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:38 pm

So I've been using Fabfilter for a while, and while its great I just seem to lack a little skill to fine tune everything with it. Using Pro-L instead of Pro-L2 also has its disadvantages, as the limiter isnt as great as I hoped it to be.
I've been thinking about getting Neutron 3 and Ozone 9 for mixing and mastering, since I prefer to use more time on writing and vocals instead of mixing and mastering. These two products has some inbuilt assistants for help, and while I understand they dont always do the best results, I assume it is a way of getting some guiding steppes right?

Should I just stick with Fabfilter, or would you guys recommend me getting the trial for these two? I know I could just download it, but I want to hear from you guys before investing money - as well as time - into something.
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Re: Is Ozone 9 and Neutron 3 for me? (help)

Postby Zukan » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:59 am

L2 is actually a very good limiter. However, if you prefer something different then it's worth having a deep look at all the various limiters and what they are best suited for.

A lot of people like the iZotope approach of using track assistant to get them in the ballpark with the various in-built processes. I am not a great fan of track assistant but they are refining it all the time so it should be on par with some of the better 'assistant' type of software out there.

There are other companies that provide really good analysis and adaptive type of software: Sound Theory's Gullfoss is one such product and can yield decent results but requires you to understand how to manipulate it to achieve the desired results. Zynaptiq also have a range of products that do all manner of analysis and adaptive processing but they are not cheap.

Personally, I think you are better off learning about the processes than relying on software to do the work for you as it will get you much further in the future and help you to mix by yourself.
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