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Drumatom kills sound outside looped area

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Drumatom kills sound outside looped area

Postby Demious » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:37 pm

About a week ago I bought Drumatom2 and I keep having problems with drumatom killing all the sound on a track, once I looped a part. The sound between the loop markers is still there, but everything outside the looped area is completely gone and I cant find how to get the sound back.
Im using Studio One 4.5.4 on Win10. I processed the wave files in the Drumatom standalone and play them back in Studio One with Drumatom Player.
When I open the files, I can see the complete wave files in the viewer, the whole track is there when I play it, but as soon as I loop a part and play the loop, everything outside the loop is gone, even though the wave forms in the viewer are still present.
Does anyone have advise for me on how to fix this?
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