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Presonus Studio 1

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Presonus Studio 1

Postby Zukan » Fri Dec 13, 2019 1:49 pm

Because I teach I have to have access to a number of DAWs. I have Cubase 10, Harrison MixBus and Reaper 6. Although I am generally happy with all three none, for me, stand out as the only DAW I will ever need.

I have heard good things about Studio 1 but want hands-on feedback from users here.

What are your thoughts on this DAW and are there any shortcomings that niggle you?
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Re: Presonus Studio 1

Postby bunker » Sat Dec 14, 2019 2:39 pm

Only recently moved to S1 myself after using a tracker (renoise) for many years. Early impressions are good; sounds great, interface is pleasing on the eye and I can find my way around it fairly well. Drag audio in, edit it, apply fades and automation...all super easy plus a native timestretch think is going on so depending on the project BPM the audio files with be stretched to suit. It can be altered or turned off entirely by right clicking the audio waveform. I’ve not dug too deep yet but I’ve found it does everything I want it to plus lots more.

I bought a Faderport to use with renoise but it came bundled with S1 Artist so I thought I’d give it a go. One initial gripe was that I couldn’t use any third party VST’s in artist.. only the native VST’s are available. I read there is an £80ish upgrade to unlock this feature which I thought was a bit of a cheek, especially as most people will already have a collection of their favourite VST’s and will want to try out S1 with them running. Anyway I decided to stick with S1 and I was looking at changing my workflow around and going back to using a desk. Call me old fashioned but I can’t be doing with staring at a screen and trying to tweak controls with a mouse.... mixing should be done on a mixing desk! So I treated myself to a StudioLive 32 series III as they’re heavily discounted at some places, prob being phased out now the newer models are out. A nice bonus is that S1 professional now comes bundled with the desk so it’s saved me the few hundred £ it would have cost to upgrade the software only. After some initial niggles getting the remote control side of the desk set up and talking to the computer it’s all up and running now and the two play very well together. If I hit the DAW button it becomes a Control surface for S1 so you can control your fat channel settings on the touchscreen and rely a lot less on the mouse. Hit the input button and you’re back to more traditional desk rather than controller.

Hope this helps? If there’s anything specific you’re welcome to ask but I’m by no means a power user!

Edit. It’s worth pointing out that the MIDI side isn’t as well specified as say seems S1 is more geared to the audio side of things. Nothing really bad about it, there’s just not a lot going on on the MIDI side. Might be worth you investigating a bit further in that department. I know I has some timing/latency issues when I was trying to trigger a sequencer but that could have been operator error or maybe the required settings weren’t available in Artist? Can’t remember exactly..
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Re: Presonus Studio 1

Postby miN2 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 4:54 pm

Before i give my niggles i just thought i'd say that it's my favourite DAW, save for Logic. I find the workflow to be fluid and fast, which goes down well with me. To be honest, S1 and Logic are very similar (which is what drew me to it), so if you've used Logic you have a window into S1.

My biggest complaint is no standard MIDI. It's all done through their own implementation of controller assignments (Control Link). The problem with control link is it doesn't work for all knobs that can be MIDI controlled, and i have no idea how to get it working sufficiently with Kontakt or Tassman. Updating Studio One has also wiped my assignments twice, leading me to have to go through the process of assigning everything again, which isn't a quick process. Considering that i've only updated the DAW 3 times this isn't a good track record.

A few more niggles i have:

Only 1 controller can be used per plugin at a time. To use something else you have to click a drop down menu and select said controller.
They haven't allowed Alpha Forever to work. It's been well over a year since they were notified of the problem.
Their updates are totally lame.
No surround sound.
No stereo panning.
No care for for RX workflow.
Multi-core utilisation is poor (reminds me of Logic 9, although not quite as bad).
Various plugins just don't work for no apparent reason.
The company has an aura of special snowflake, which annoys me quite considerably.
Their customer and technical support is a joke.
Little control over folder locations.
The software is particularly chatty to their servers, so chatty that i've actually blocked it from the internet.
It's pushy with upselling. 4.6 has made this worse by way of the Shop tab having been given preference over the Pool tab.
The browser doesn't know how to count (1, 10, 11...19, 2, 20...29, 3, 30...39, 4, etc).
The bundled plugins are not good, although i guess that's personal preference. (although several of them are screaming, so careful with your monitor levels on first time use)

There are other niggles i have but whatever.
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Re: Presonus Studio 1

Postby Zukan » Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:04 am

Thanks guys. Very informative.
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Re: Presonus Studio 1

Postby Rich Hanson » Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:25 pm

I've been using it since version 2 (I tried it at version 1 and it didn't 'click' with me, but I decided to try again when version 2 came out) and for the most part I really enjoy it.

I actually really like control link, I foudn that once your controller's knobs had been learned once, it was just a case of assigning them to plugins as and when.

The most common criticism I see is regarding MIDI in that it doesn't support polyphonic aftertouch. Doesn't affect me, personally, but it affects those using edrums that use poly pressure for cymbal chokes etc.
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Re: Presonus Studio 1

Postby The Elf » Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:36 pm

I have a license for similar reasons to you, Zuke. I tend to think of Studio One as 'Cubase Lite' It has some striking similarities, but I find myself hitting a dead stop at points where Cubase will take me further - particularly with MIDI editing. Great DAW, but very much in the shadows.
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Re: Presonus Studio 1

Postby paul tha other » Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:46 pm

i echo elf's reminds me of an old version of cubase...if you are a singer songwiter you should get on ok with it..for the basics its great..i like the guitar amp plug in that came with it,its nothing special .it just works..

i must be the odd one out...... i quiet like the way it deals with midi..for me this is where its most like cubase so it feels familiar to me( i used cubase since atari st days)

the time stretch thing is quite good too

tbh im at the point where all the daw's are much of a muchness..they all do the same thing
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