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Aether reverb guidance required

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Aether reverb guidance required

Postby Gone To Lunch » Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:06 pm

I am doing an orchestral track in DP with VSL samples, standard use of winds, brass, percussion and strings. Thus all my panning is in the Vienna Ensemble sub-mixes, which I want to preserve in my mix; ie I don’t want the L-R placing to be altered by Aether.

I am using only one instance of Aether on its own stereo aux bus, with all the instrument groups sent individually in stereo to that bus.

But I am struggling with the Aether options to ensure this, which are

ER Cross + Width
LR Cross + Width.

I have tried to RTFM but I struggle with it.

‘Cross = 0% means there is no channel mixing and dual mono behaviour results’ p29

Does dual mono here mean that the L and E are separate, and will just pass on the L & R positions of the source signal, which is what I want ?
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