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Mix vs Mix: The Reckoning

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Mix vs Mix: The Reckoning

Postby erinasaboy » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:33 am

Hey all,

I posted a few weeks back for feedback on a mix and got some great notes. Since then I've had another couple of mixes done. So basically I've worked with 3 different mixers on 1 song, my aim being to pick my fave and do a few more songs with that mixer. But, I'm torn, as I like elements of each of the 3. (Also, I'm more a writer/instrumentalist than a producer, so I may be missing obvious things that others may catch.)

Would love to hear thoughts from everyone on which mix they like best, and/or pros and cons of each mix.

Looking for thoughts on mix/master more so than the songwriting/performance.

I have my own preferences, which I'll post way below so as not to bias anyone.

Also, I promise not to clog up the board with posts on this song any further after this hehe.

Mix 1

Mix 2

Mix 3

My Thoughts-
Mix 1 -
Pros - Love the kick and bass tone (could see those being the standard tone for further work), good overall balance, big, bright, and wide overall.
Cons - Toms are kinda thin, something about the lead and bg vocs seems a bit shrill to me at times. Maybe an EQ issue or maybe too compressed. Can't put my finger on it, but almost fatiguing to listen to.
**Excuse the lead vocal reverb here. I accidentally gave this mixer a track with bad comp/verb printed to it. Planning to correct that. So please don't discount this mix solely on that.

Mix 2 -
Pros - Really warm and natural sounding, overall balance is great, toms and snare sound perfect, and vocals/layers sound good to me. To me this is the clearest mix, but...
Cons - I don't love the kick or bass tone. This one lacks strength on the bottom to me, and overall may be a bit dry, and smaller sounding than the others.

Mix 3 -
Pros - Good overall balance, bg vocs have some kind of effect on them that I like quite a bit--almost choir-like, solid outro section, good clarity overall.
Cons - I tend to like more attack on bass, and in general more of a natural 'live' sound for drums and bass. This one is solid, but further from my original vision.

I keep leaning one way then the other. Obviously it comes down to taste, but would love some outside input.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to take the time!
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Re: Mix vs Mix: The Reckoning

Postby blinddrew » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:28 pm

Not in the studio tonight but will give them a proper listen over the weekend. :thumbup:
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