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Samplitude pro x5 - how to assign wav files to different takes

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Samplitude pro x5 - how to assign wav files to different takes

Postby george_vel » Tue Aug 11, 2020 5:00 pm

Hi guys,

I am struggling with doing comping of multiple tracks from different takes in Samplitude.

What I have are multiple takes from a recorder done in acoustic environment with a choir and soloist. So, for each take I have 5 channels (tracks).

I’ve watched some videos on youtube how to do multi-track comping in Samp, but always tracks were recorded inside Samp, and not imported.

So, how I can import several files and label them in Samp as Take 1, then the same for another set of files as Take 2, etc.? Should I use Revolver tracks or some other method?

Keep in mind also that some takes are shorter than others - for example take 1 of particular piece is taken as a whole, but take 2 contains only last 10 measures of the song, because the conductor did not like something there in the first take.

In fact, this type of comping is pretty easy and straightforward in Audition, but I am trying to move into a more professional software. :-)
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