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Music Feedback Request - Unholy Rays of Manmade Days

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Music Feedback Request - Unholy Rays of Manmade Days

Postby jodaki » Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:41 pm

Hi Guys,
After submitting a demo song for feedback a few months ago I've tried hard to absorb the (really generous) replies and focus on the production to get a more finished result. I got a good drummer in and put a lot of effort into the mixing.

I uploaded 10 songs to bandcamp as an album so I can share it for preliminary listening, all original except for the final one ( which probably doesn't belong - and which I dont do justice - but anyway...) if anyone would like to listen to any or all of them Id love the feedback. Artistic and production/technical comments all welcome.

Im already registered with PRS but am in the process of registering with PPL then Ill be releasing it on various platforms, so Id really like to get the tracks right beforehand rather than trying to update stuff afterwards.

Starts rocky but there are some nice songs from song 5 if heavy gtrs aren't your thing :)
Yours (bit nervously), John
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