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Setting and choosing monitors (first ones)

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Setting and choosing monitors (first ones)

Postby Nequez » Thu Oct 08, 2020 9:39 pm

Hi guys, i've started producing music a few months ago, until now i have been doing it on set of hi-fi speakers and headphones, now i want to buy my first monitors but have a bit of a problem. I already know what acoustic treatment should be done in my room (more or less), i wanted to check a mirror points, but here's a problem. I dont know where to set my monitors. My desk has this shelf (this is it: ) and i'd prefer to place my monitors on it, but it's only 14cm deep and they would stick out of it. Is it a big problem even if i put pads under them? And here is a second question, what monitors should i choose? My room is 12,5 m2, 2,5mx5m. I thought about eris 4.5 as i heard good opinions about them, price is really fine and they are only 18cm deep, so they would stick out only like 4-5cm. I can always place monitors on desk itself if this is necessary, but i think they would be to close and under my listening position plus i have another shelf above the desk's shelf, that makes some kind of isolation between monitors and cailing. So thanks anyone who read all this trough, where should i place them to get best results? Also do you recommend any better ones? I'm connecting them trough scarlett solo.
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Re: Setting and choosing monitors (first ones)

Postby Guest » Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:47 am

those have the same specs as small genelec but will not be even close to similar, if that's what you were tinkering with here, go for it if that's your price limits and idea.
You could always find speakers with lower frequency reach.
This is a 25W LF speaker amp,
that's not a lot of power for bass.
Without external amplification those speakers will be hard to hear,
could be better off finding speakers with more watts.
or not,
if the room is small,
style is quiet,
and you like small things.