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Vocal Pitch Correction w/ Melodyne

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Vocal Pitch Correction w/ Melodyne

Postby jmbtexas4 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 5:57 am

Greetings SOS!

I bought Melodyne Essential to help me with pitch correction after I record my vocal tracks. I am going to send these vocal tracks to others who will add music. I am trying to verify the exported or rendered file contains the pitch corrections I made.

I correct each syllable to "0 ct" for each note before exporting/rendering.

This issue I'm having is when I export or render that vocal track and then import it back in to Melodyne stand alone or Melodyne plugin for Reaper, the pitch corrections are no longer reading "0 ct." In fact, I don't even get the same "ct" reading on each blob when viewing in Melodyne stand alone and the plugin. They are all different by a couple ct. For example instead of "0 ct", one blob now says "15 ct" in stand alone and "17 ct" in the plugin for Reaper.

Melodyne support is telling me this is to be expected, but it doesn't sound right to me. If the vocals are all at "0 ct" when I export/render, I feel they should be the same upon import when I try to verify Melodyne did what it was supposed to do.

What is your opinion?

Thank You
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Re: Vocal Pitch Correction w/ Melodyne

Postby The Elf » Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:34 am

Vocals are not straight notes that are perfectly in pitch at every point - even after some tuning. If they were they would sound like a robot. I would imagine that each time you export/re-import Melodyne is finding different areas of the audio to create its tuning map.

If I were the one receiving your vocals the last thing I would want is for you to tune them. And I definitely wouldn't want them tuned to robotic 'perfection'. I would leave this until the backing is in place and make any tuning decisions then.
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