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Looking to build portfolio!

For everything after the recording stage: hardware/software and how you use it.

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Looking to build portfolio!

Postby InvokeUK » Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:59 pm

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all having a brilliant day.

I'm looking at offering mixing and mastering services, though I understand I need to get a portfolio together beforehand.

I've been working with the Cambridge-MT practice stuff in my free time and as part of my. Audio Engineering studies, though those are only cleared for educational purposes and would require permission before use in a portfolio.

Whilst it's probably still a good idea to try and see if any of the artists would let me use my practice mixes in my portfolio, I know it's also just as good an idea to ask about on related forums too!

If anyone would be keen to send me some stuff to mix/master and build my portfolio with so I can start getting my foot in the door in the world of audio engineering, I would massively, massively appreciate it.

Thanks everyone :thumbup:
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