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ARC3 Nems mic vs old mic

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ARC3 Nems mic vs old mic

Postby Guitarking » Thu Apr 08, 2021 1:56 pm

Hi everyone,

Upgraded from IK multimedia's ARC 2.5 to 3. To me sounds like an improvement. The bass sounds more solid and open, and I think the fact that you can select the area which is to be 'corrected' is a good think. This way I can leave the upper mids alone and make ARC concentrate on the problem area.

I Calibrated with the older grey with orange ring mic.
I´m looking for people who have experience with both the grey with orange ring mic and the new Nems mic. I know it´s ´only´ 80 euro upgrade, but still it´s 80 euro... Will the new mic be significantly better calibration wise?

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