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Vintage Phase Linear Amplifier Upgrade

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Vintage Phase Linear Amplifier Upgrade

Postby Old Phase » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:09 pm

Almost everyone knows the legacy of Phase Linear 400 and 700 Watt amplifiers. Some big name acts used them, Pink Floyd and Aerosmith to name two. These amps were introduced in the early 1970's and were the loudest, cleanest sound reinforcement amps ever created.

After a few years these amplifiers developed a nasty habit of sending the power supply rail voltages (80VDC or 100VDC) directly to the speakers. Before you could jump, your expensive monitor or stage speakers were toast. The names "Blaze Linear" and "Flame Linear" were used back in the day. Phase Linear tried to fix the problem, but never really found the source of the tendency for the amplifier to unexpectedly "latch up".

Fast forward to today, and a talented engineer at White Oak Audio Design
began using the SPICE Simulator to diagnose and predict solutions to the problem. One has to wonder-- What if Bob Carver at Phase Linear had the SPICE Simulator? In any case, the problem has been resolved with a newly designed double-sided White Oak Audio Phase Linear Control Board and the newest and best electronic components available today such as MUSE and Wima capacitors, Xicon 1% resistors, and regulated power devices.

The result is not only a robust and reliable Phase Linear amplifier, the sound has been improved dramatically. If you have an old, dead, broken, or just dusty Phase Linear 400 or 700 amplifier; it can be rebuilt to better than new. In fact, these amps typically produce 600 or 1000 Watts and rival the sound of any other amplifier currently available. Many are in use as home audio amplifiers, they are that good.

Our goal is to restore every Phase Linear 400 and 700 amplifier. Contact me and I will give you the information you need to bring back the smile you had on your face the first time you heard these amplifiers. Have an old Phase Linear 400 or 700 amplifier that you don't want? I'll take it and bring it back to life for someone who needs a forever amplifier. Thanks!
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