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Softube´s Modular Series of in-depth tutorials

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Softube´s Modular Series of in-depth tutorials

Postby rofilm » Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:30 am

Tutorial 9 is available now. Please watch the trailer to learn more about it:

And here is the content/timeline of the full tutorial 9:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:28 Why Analogue Sequencing?
0:03:21 The 4 Sequencer Units
0:03:46 Clock and DAW SYNC
0:05:32 Clock and LFO
0:06:20 LENGTH
0:06:52 Automating LENGTH
0:07:30 RESET
0:09:24 LOOP
0:10:23 Linking Sequencers
0:14:51 CV, RANGE and QUANTISE
0:17:20 CV and PITCH (2 Charts)
0:17:56 TRIGGER and GATE
0:19:45 Patching
0:19:55 GATE as a CLOCK
0:20:42 The Sequencer Units and the Piano Roll, Part 1
0:22:05 TRIGGER as a CLOCK
0:22:25 The Sequencer Units and the Piano Roll, Part 2
0:24:19 Sequencer and Envelopes
0:28:58 Transposing Sequences
0:31:26 VCO as a CLOCK, the Clock Divider
0:33:15 Modulating the CLOCK
0:34:18 Pitch and CLOCK
0:34:58 Sequencers in Feedback Loops
0:40:45 Complex Rhythmical Structures (Polyrhythms)
0:46:04 The Beat Sequencer 
0:48:50 SWING
0:53:07 The Beat Sequencer as a CLOCK source for Sequencer 8/16
0:55:17 Ratcheting
1:02:30 Ratcheting in Live Situations
1:04:11 The End
1:07:16 The Very End

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Re: Softube´s Modular Series of in-depth tutorials

Postby rofilm » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:04 pm

I´ve started working on Tutorial 10 about Softube´s Modular. This time I´m going to talk about the module Intellijel “Rubicon”. It´s a prety complex beast and the tutorial will probably be the longest one I´ve ever produced (looks like something about two and a half hour, perhaps even up to three hours). I suppose it´s going to be available at the end of July. For those, who have missed the beginning: Tutorials 1 to 9 start here

Have a great day and a good time!
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Re: Softube´s Modular Series of in-depth tutorials

Postby rofilm » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:32 pm

It´s done again! The “Rubicon” tutorial is available (part 10 of my series about Softube´s Modular). With about 95 hours of production time (included some night shifts) it´s got the longest and most comprehensive – so far – tutorial I´ve ever made: nearly 3 hours of explanations, experiments – and some jokes. And it´s not only the most comprehensive tutorial I have ever produces, it is – so far – also the most comprehensive tutorial about “Rubicon” on the Internet (disprove it, if you can :-))!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:38 The Front Panel: Ovverview and Groups
0:02:15 The Outputs: The Waveforms
0:03:10 The Inputs: Groups of Functionalities
0:04:38 Ranges of Frequencies
0:08:33 The Waveform Switches
0:08:44 Sine, Sigmoid and Double Sigmoid
0:12:30 Pulse, Centered and Edge Aligned, Merging Waves, PW, PWM
0:29:19 Pulse Width Modulation
0:32:17 Softsync (“Flip”)
0:33:48 Terminology
0:34:42 Relations of Frequencies, Master and Slave
0:40:00 Non-Integer Relations
0:41:47 Different Waveforms of the Slave
0:52:55 Different Classes of Spectra
1:16:00 Different Waveforms of the Master
1:18:48 Hardsync
1:20:11 Comparing Hardsync and Softsync
1:24:26 Master-Slave Frequency Relations with Different Kinds of Master-Waves
1:30:14 Rubicon as Master and Rubicon as Slave
1:33:10 The Magic of Zig-Zag
1:35:03 Rubicon-Square versus A-110-Square
1:43:34 SUB: Syncing to Death
1:44:58 Networks of Masters and Slaves
1:46:40 Exponential Frequency Modulation
1:47:05 Just for the Beginners: Some Explanations of Basic Terms
1:48:00 Frequency Modulation
1:49:43 Exponential Frequency Modulation
1:51:42 Linear Frequency Modulation
1:53:07 Through Zero Frequency Modulation
1:58:42 First Exponential Frequency Modulation with Rubicon
2:02:02 Attenuating the Strength of Modulation
2:03:44 Modulating the Modulation
2:07:49 A “Melody of Sounds” with MIDI-Notes as Modulators, Microtonal Scales,
Macrotonal Scales
2:10:25 Some Typical Littler Patches
2:15:07 Through Zero Frequency Modulation
2:15:25 SYMMETRY
2:20:40 INDEX
2:26:10 And again: SYMMETRY
2:28:17 Detour: The 20% Principle
2:29:40 SYMMETRY and “Negative” Frequencies
2:34:38 “A Singing Modulator” or “Rubicon Gets Rid of Its Voice”
2:46:58 Reflecting Partials and Splitting Partials
2:48:30 Future Prospects
2:51:40 Some Words at the End
The End at 2:52:38
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Softube´s Modular Intellikell Korgasmatron II

Postby rofilm » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:00 am

The series is growing and growing: Part 11 of my series of Tutorials about the modules of Softube´s Modular is available now.

It´s all about Intellijel´s multifilter “Korgasmatron II”. 2 hours of explanations, examples, experiments and patches (well, only 1 hour 59 minutes and 32 seconds, to be precise). And like always: instead of a lot of words, here is the
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:35 The Family Tree of Korgasmatron II
0:01:40 The Overall Architecture and the GUI
0:02:16 Internal Signal Paths (A and B), Part 1
(incl. Seriell Mode and Parallel Mode)
0:08:44 XFADE
0:12:56 Seriell Mode
0:16:15 XFADE Modulations
0:21:35 Cutoff Modulations
0:24:20 Internal Signal Paths (A and B), Part 2
(incl. FM2)
0:29:25 1V/OCT and Tuned Self-Resonance
0:34:03 Internal Signal Paths, Part 3
0:36:35 Audio-In, Gain and Clipping
0:43:07 The 2 Lowpass Filters
0:48:00 Q and Q-drive
0:53:10 Distortion and Self-Resonance
0:54:10 Miss Marple and the Case of the Mysterious Partials
1:03:33 The Bandpass Filter
1:17:04 The Highpass Filter
1:22:13 The Bandreject Filter
1:32:30 Patch 1: “Zizzle-Grizzle”
1:40:27 Patch 2: Surfing the Ocean Waves of Partials
1:47:05 Patch 3: A Kind of Canon
1:52:10 Patch 4: A Selfmade Drum Machine
1:55:45 Some Words at the End
1:59:30 The End
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Re: Softube´s Modular Series of in-depth tutorials

Postby rofilm » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:19 am

“Softube Modular the Tutorials part 12: the Buchla 259e unit” is available now:" target="phpbbpopup

2 hours and 40 minutes (and 54 seconds :-) ) full of explanations, demonstrations and experiments. Probably the most comprehensive guide to this twisted, crazy and complex west coast module you will find on the web (so far, 3 March 2018).


Content and Timeline:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:40 Buchla and Moog, West and East
0:01:22 Are They Crazy In California?
0:02:10 Basic Structure
0:03:33 The Principal Oscillator
0:03:38 Frequencies and Pitch
0:04:23 FM and CV Modulation, Similarities and Differences
0:14:08 MIDI
0:26:30 Green and Red Wave Shapes
0:28:30 Morphing Wave Shapes
0:29:39 Warping Waves
0:31:00 Modulating Morph and Warp
0:42:08 The Wave Shapes In Detail
1:24:35 The Waves a, b and c or: “How to Drink the Attic”
1:28:20 The Memory Skew Mode
1:50:05 The Modulation Oscillator
1:50:54 Modulation Shapes and Frequencies
1:55:25 The Pitch Track Mode
2:05:00 Modulating the Modulations
2:15:52 The Modulation Types
2:17:27 The Modulation Index
2:19:45 Softsync
2:26:45 Hardsync
2:29:34 MIDI Sync
2:31:23 AC Coupled Outputs and DC Coupled Outputs
2:34:55 Buchla 259e, The Hardware and the Software: Differences
2:37:25 Some Words at the End
2:40:54 The End

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Re: Softube´s Modular Series of in-depth tutorials

Postby rofilm » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:17 am

Softube´s Modular Tutorial 13 is available!
The video (1 hour and 41 minutes) deals with the module “Clouds” (Mutable Instruments).
And here is the timeline and content:


0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:28 Granular Processing of Sound – The Basics
0:01:28 Grains
0:02:22 Rearranging Grains
0:02:45 Direction And Speed of Play Back
0:03:17 Layers of Grains
0:03:29 Repeating Grains
0:03:36 Stretching
0:03:50 A Sonic Microscope, Part I
0:04:47 The Buffer
0:06:27 Playhead And Buffer
0:06:54 Manipulating Positions
0:08:55 The Individual Functions
0:09:23 The GAIN
0:10:01 The Audio Quality
0:10:41 The BLEND Modes
0:16:16 Some Details About The Buffer
0:28:39 The Size of The Grains
0:45:17 PITCH
0:49:53 DENSITY
1:01:50 The Texture Of The Grains
1:06:36 The Inputs
1:17:04 A Sonic Electron Microscope
1:26:50 Randomness
1:27:09 Rhythm Building With Freeze And Talking Drum Loops
1:31:27 Delay
1:34:52 A Pitch Shifter
1:36:16 An Enriched Drum Loop
1:37:38 Voices
1:38:44 “Clouds”, Modulated by Audio
1:41:00 The End
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Re: Softube´s Modular Series of in-depth tutorials

Postby rofilm » Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:32 am

Tutorial no. 14 about Softube´s Modulůar is available now. It deals with the module BRAIDS (Mutable Instruments). It´s the first of two videos about Braids. The main matter are the functions in set-up mode.

00:00 Introduction
00:31 Front Panel and Basic Modes
01:13 Wave Select Mode and SetUp Mode
03:05 General and Basic Functions
05:15 The SutUp Mode
07:45 META
11:50 BITS
13:50 The Meaning of Bit Depth
15:00 The Meaning of Quantization in a ADC/DAC
16:15 RATE
17:03 The Meaning of the Refresh Rate of a DAC
22:45 When do BITS and RATE really Make a Difference?
25:33 TSRC Trigger Source
28:08 Multi Triggers
28:58 TDLY Trigger Delay
30:46 The Internal Envelope and the Internal VCA
33:32 The Internal Envelope and FM
36:15 The Internal Envelope and TIMBRE and COLOR
37:44 RANG Range
41:38 OCTV Octave
42:06 QNTZ Quantization and 45 Different Scales
44:21 ROOT Setting the Root Note of a Scale
45:49 FLAT Detuning
46:51 DRFT Frequency Drift/Instability
47:50 SIGN Grunge and Dirt
49:08 Version
49:20 Some Words at the End
49:34 The Real End
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